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About the water in Spain 

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WATER from the TAP in Spain?


The drinking water in Spain, when delivered by an acknowledged water company, can be used to drink and is not damaging to your health. Why do most people however - including the Spaniards themselves - drink water from bottles?

The main reason is the differnce in quality of the water from the tap over time and it is many times quite chlorinated.


But let's face it: carrying bottled water is heavy, cost a lot of plastic, transportation and storage, making it extremely environmentally unfriendly. And it is not necessary: ​​Aqua-Sana offers many solutions for both home and office Pure, Fresh and healthy water to drink straight from the tap!

Please look for our products which offer solutions for DRINKING WATER en HARD WATER

How HARD is WATER in Spain?


This map of Spain shows you clearly how hard the water in Spain is. Especially along the Costa's. 

You have problably experienced this yourself: the limescale in the taps in your hous, the bathrooms, white stripes on the windows after they have washed with normal tapwater, etc., etc.

The water at the Costa's is very hard, which is a hardness above 40 degrees in German Hardness, or 4 to 5 times as hard as in an average community in the UK.


Aqua-Sana offers you THE SOLUTION for hard water problems!

Small, proven effictivity, environmentally friendly, low energy consumption and with a very fast pay-back time.